Outward Bound Trust

Outward Bound Trust

An educational charity that helps young people defy their limitations through learning and adventures in the wild, with centres in the Lake District, Scotland, North Wales and the Brecon Beacons.

Our cooperation and the provision of a bursary scheme to pay for Jersey youngsters means that we are able to better achieve our mission to have an impact on young and future lives.

Philip Gower, visited the Outward Bound Trust centre in Ullswater:

‘It is absolutely amazing, terrific facilities, I was very impressed. I had the opportunity to listen to a group of youths who had completed a week’s course, they were talking about how they were encouraged to plan and prepare for activities(and how they originally messed up!)-which included open water swimming and climbing. They were all talking about how the Outward Bound course has changed their lives and what it’s done for their self-confidence – it was incredibly encouraging. As a lover of mountains and wild open spaces, I left there feeling that Jersey children should also have this opportunity.’

The Outward Bound ‘School’s Package’ has now been introduced to the Island, working with several local schools to send teams of 12 children to Centres in the UK.

‘We are paying a 50% bursary, and we also pay for travel. The reason it’s only part payment towards the cost is that we are following the Outward Bound model. They tell us from past experience that the schools and young people have to commit – even if it is just a small amount financially. They are less likely to back out on the day of travel if they have actually paid something towards it. The hope is that children will have saved at least £1 a week, to show they are committed.’

Ullswater Outward Bound Course

In 2019, PGCF supported The Outward Bound Trust with a donation that enabled 12 pupils from Grainville School (most of whom had never left Jersey) to have a 7-day experience, where they built confidence, improved their resilience, solved problems and developed their teamwork and communication skills. The feedback from pupils and tutors was overwhelmingly positive – see link above.

View Charity Website: https://www.outwardbound.org.uk/